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Name a more iconic duo or better love story than Peanut Butter meets Jelly. In PB & J Picnic, the player moves both Mr. Peanut Butter and Ms. Jelly around the picnic table. But they always move opposite of each other. 

So in this tiny mirror movement game, you must maneuver PB & J to both land on their respective orbs at the same time to score points. At any point, you can move them to the same tile to connect, making a sandwich and winning the level, allowing you to store the points you've earned.

If you run out of time or fall off the picnic table (gross! Who wants to eat food off the ground?), you'll lose the level and any points you've gained in that level.

You do not need to collect any orbs to make a sandwich. The points you get from orbs let you access more levels. There are 5 in total. Collect all the orbs to get a little prize!

This game was made by Luke Pierson and Austen Kinney in 4 days during the Extra Credits Game Jam 4.


Arrow Keys: Move/Select Level

Space: Begin Level/Retry/Continue

Escape: Exit Level/Quit Game

Install instructions

Download the Zip file and then extract to run the game.


PB&J Picnic.zip 12 MB

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